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World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts


1. What is the full form of WAGGGS?
Answer :- World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

2. When and where was WAGGGS established?
Answer :- 1928, Parad, Hungary

3. Where is the headquarter of WAGGGS located?
Answer :- London

4. When was Dame Leslie Whatley of the Girl Guides World Bureau awarded the Bronze Wolf?
Answer :- In 1965

5. How many parts of WAGGGS are there?
Answer :- 03

6. When is the meeting of the World Conference of WAGGGS held?
Answer :- Once in three years

7. How many members are elected in the World Board of WAGGGS?
Answer :- 12 members

8. For how many years are the members of the World Board of WAGGGS elected?
Answer :- For 06 years

9. How many WORLD GUIDE CENTER are there in WAGGGS?
Answer :- 05

10. What is the main source of income of WAGGGS?
Answer :- Quo
ta Money

11. Who is the CEO of WAGGGS?
Answer :- Anna Segal

12. In global initiatives, when was the collaboration between Free Being Me, WAGGGS and Unilever's Dove Self-Esteem Project launched?
Answer :- October 2013

13. Who was the first president of WAGGGS?
Answer :- Rose Kerr

14. WAGGGS was established in which international conference?
Answer :- Fifth

15. Who is the present President of WAGGGS?
Answer:- Heidi Jokeenan

16. Who was the first director of WAGGGS?
Answer:- Dame Catherine Farse

17. When was the name of the World Committee of WAGGGS changed to WORLD BOARD?
Answer :- In 1996

18. How many Region are there in the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts?
Answer :- 05

19. Which are the five region of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts?
Answer :- Europe, Arabia, Africa, Asia and Western Hemisphere.

20. WAGGGS Membership Badge Who designed the world trefoil emblem?
Answer :- Miss Frock Carias

21. WAGGGS Membership Badge When was the world trefoil symbol adopted?
Answer :- 1930

22. When was the WAGGGS World Association Badge adopted?
Answer: - 1932, in Poland

23. How many member countries are there in WAGGGS?
Answer :- 152

24. When was the Chintan Divas started?
Answer :- 1926, Fourth International Conference

25. How many founding member countries of WAGGGS were?
Answer :- 26 countries

26. When and where was the first World Guide Center of WAGGGS opened?
Answer :- 31 July 1932, Our Chalet, Switzerland

27. When was the First Law Juliet Seminar held in Our Chalet?
Answer :- 1932

28. When and where was the second WAGGGS World Center opened?
Answer: - In Our Ark, 2 May 1939

29. When was the Western Hemisphere region of WAGGGS formed?
Answer :- 1940

30. When and where was the third WAGGGS World Center opened?
Answer :- Our Cabana, 1957, Mexico






Answer :- In 1963 the name Olev House was named.

32. When and where was the 4th World Center of WAGGGS opened?
Answer :- Sangam, India (Pune), 1966

33. When was the Asia Pacific region of WAGGGS formed?
Answer :- 1969

34. When was the Europe region of WAGGGS formed?
Answer :- 1971

35. When was the Africa region of WAGGGS formed?
Answer :- 1975

36. When was the World Bureau of WAGGGS officially opened?
Answer :- 1985, London

37. When and where was WAGGGS's Pax Lodge World Center open?
Answer :- 1991, London

38. When was the first Global Action Theme (GAT) launched?
Answer :- 1993 (Creat peace world wide)

39. When was the Arab region of WAGGGS formed?
Answer :- 1999

40. When did WAGGGS start its first advocacy campaign?
Answer :- In 1999

41. What was the theme of the first advocacy campaign of WAGGGS?
Answer: Prevention of teenage pregnancy

42. When did WAGGGS launch the second Global Action Theme (GAT)?
Answer :- 2002 (Our Right Our Responsibility)

43. When did WAGGGS launch the third Global Action Theme (GAT)?
Answer :- 2008 (Together we can change our world)

44. When was the WAGGGS Leadership Development Program (WLDP) launched?
Answer :- 2008

45. When did WAGGGS celebrate the centenary of International Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting?
Answer :- 2010-2012

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46. ​​When was the WAGGGS Global Advocacy Campaign, 'Stop the Violence Speak Out for Girls' Rights' launched?
Answer :- In 2011

47. When did WAGGGS become an Incorporated Charity?
Answer :- 2015

48. What is the full form of WLDP?
Answer :- WAGGGS Leadership Development Program

49. Who was the founder of WAGGGS?
Answer :- Robert Baden Powell

50. When was the suggestion for the formation of WAGGGS?
Answer :- In 1926,