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A scout, guide, rover, ranger and scouting member should be aware of the following three flags.


National Flag Of India

The National Flag of India has Got immense importance. The national flag of free india was first adopted by the constituent Assembly on 22 July 1947. It epitomizes its civilization and culture , heritage and freedom.

The indian National flag is a tricolour rectangular panel, made up of three rectangular panel of equal width. The colour of the Top panel is saffron and of the bottom panel is green, the middle panel is white. In the center there is the design of ashok chakra in navy blue colour. Saffron colour denotes courage and sacrifice, white denotes purity, the path of truth to guide or conduct and the green denotes prosperity. Ashok chakra in the center of the panel with 24 spokes is the wheel of the law of dharma, it denotes progress.

         The size of the flag is in the ratio of 3:2 (Three part log and two parts wide) . The national flag shall be used only on such occasions and in such manner as in accordance with the rules framed by the Government.




Guidelines to be strictly followed with regard to our National Flag.

The National Flag
1. Shall not be used for commercial purposes in violation of the emblem and names (Prevention of Improper use) Act, 1950.
2. Shall not be dipped in salute to any person pr things.
3. Shall not be flown at half mast except on occasion on which the flag is flown at half mast on public building in accordance with the instructions issued by the Government.
4. Shall not be used as a drapery in any form whatsoever , including private funerals.
5. Shall not be used as a portion of costume or uniform of any description not shall it be embroidered or printed upon cushion, handkerchief, napkins, or any dress material.
6. Shall not have any form of lettering put upon it.
7. Shall not be intentionally allowed to touch the ground or the floor or trail in water.
8. Shall not be draped over the hood, top, sides, or back of vehicle, train, boat or an aircraft.
9. Shall not be intentionally displayed with the "Saffron" down.
10. Shall not be used as a covering for a building.


The Bharat Scouts and Guides flag is deep sky blue in colour. The Emblem of the bharat scouts and guides is Fleur-de-Lis superimposed by the Trefoil. The Fleur-De-Lis symbolises the scout wing and Trefoil symbolizes Guide wing. Ashok chakra symbolizes india and Horizontal band symbolizes world brother / sisterhood. The Emblem is yellow colour and ashoka chakra in blue colour.
The size of the Association flag is 180cm in Length and 120 cm in width. The size of the emblem 45cm × 30cm.

The size of the Unit/Group flag is 120cm length and 80cm width. The name of the Unit/Group shall be written in yellow colour in a straight line below the emblem. The Bharat Scouts and Guides flag shall be dipped to the president or chief National commissioner of Bharat Scouts And Guides.


The world scout flag is purple in colour and consists of the World Scout Badge in white incircled by a white cord.the ends of which are tied with a reef knot, set on purple background The size of the flag is in the ratio of 3:2.it was adopted in 1961,Lisbon World Conference.

The three leaves represent the three -fold promise as originally laid down by the Founder.The vein pointing upward represents the compass needle pointing the way.The two stars represent the promise and the Law and symbolized the knowledge and truth.The outer circle represents our worldwide Association.


The world guide flag consists of the golden trefoil on a bright blue background.It was adopted by the 6th world conference in 1930, following a suggestion of South Africa.The design was prepared by FROKH KARI AAS of Norway.At the 80th World community meeting held in March ,1991 it was agreed to adopt a new WORLD TREFOIL and WORLD FLAG.
The World Guide Flag consists of the Golden World Trefoil on left upper corner of the bright  blue field. The three leaves represent the three fold promise originally laid down by the Founder.The Flame represents the love for humanity.The vein ponting upwards represents the compass needle pointing the way.The two stars represent the  Promise and Law.The outer circle represents our worldwide Association. the golden yellow Trefoil on a bright blue background represents the sun shining over the children of the world.A blaze of White on the lower  right hand corner represents the peace that Girl Guides and Girl Scout are striving to achieve.The white blaze is crowned by three golden squares symbolic of the three fold Promise.The size of the flag will be in the ratio 3:2.
The world scout or the World Guide Flag may be used appropriate occasion and when used they shall fly at lower level than the national flag and it's left at higher level than the bharat scouts and guides flag and it's right.