Pravesh Scout Guide Question In English | Pravesh Question bank in english | Pravesh Scout Question.

Pravesh Question Bank

Q.1.What is the full name of Baden Powell?

Ans:- Lord Robert Stephenson Smith Baden Powell.

Q.2 .When and where was Baden Powell born?

Ans:- 22nd February 1857 at 6 Stenhope Street, London.

Q.3 What is Paxhil?

Ans:- Baden Powell’s house Name.

Q.4 .What is the full name of lady Baden Powell?

Ans :- Miss. Olave St. Clair Soames.

Q.5. When did Scouting come in to existence?

Ans :- In the year 1907.

Q.6. When did Scouting begin in India?

Ans :- In the year 1909.

Q.7. When did guiding begin in India?

Ans:- In the year  1911.

Q.8. How many parts are there in Scout/Guide promise?

Ans :- Three parts

(a) to do my duty to god and my country

(b) To help other people and 

(c) To obey the S/G law

Q.9. When is Scout/Guide sign shown?

Ans:- (a) At the time of taking oath/promise

          (b) To show his/her identification

          (c ) At the time of reaffirmation of S/G Promise

Q.10. Who composed Scout/Guide Flag Song?

Ans :- Shri Daya Shankar Bhat.

Q.11. What is the duration of singing the flag song?

Ans :- 45 Seconds

Q.12. Who composed Scout/Guide prays song?

Ans:- Veer  Dev Veer.

Q.13. What is the duration of singing the prayer song?

Ans:- 90 Seconds

Q.14. Who composed National Anthem?

Ans :- Rabindra Nath Tagore.

Q.15. What is the duration of the National Anthem?

Ans:- 52 Seconds

Q.16. What is the ratio of the National Flag?

Ans:- 3:2

Q.17. When was the first Experimental Scout Camp held ?

Ans :- 1907, Brown sea Island

Q.18. From whom did BP learn the Practice of 'Left hand shake'

Ans :- Ashanti tribe

Q.19. What is the minimum age to join the scout Movement ?

Ans :- 10 Year

Q.20. In which side of the pocket /Sleeve Membership Badge is to be worn ?

Ans :- Left pocket (Scout), Left Sleeve (Guide)






Q.21. which level of scouting guiding movement is also known as "Tenderfoot" ?

Ans :- Pravesh

Q.22. In 1921 and 1937 who were the person related to our movement Visited India ?

Ans :- Baden Powell & Lady Baden Powell

Q.23. November 7 is an Important date for Bsg. What is the importance ?

Ans :- Flag Day/Foundation Day of Bsg

Q.24. On whose Honor is the scout guide promise administered ?

Ans :- On Ones own honor 

Q.25. A scout guide saved every paisa, which point of S/G law is being refferd here ?

Ans :- 8th Point.

Q.26. Physically Strong , mentally awake and morally straight. To achieve what do we give the explanation ?

Ans :- S/G Motto - Be Prepared

Q.27. When you meet somebody who is in uniform , but you are not in uniform , how do identify yourself as a part of the movement ?

Ans :- By showing the S/G sign

Q.28. Trefoil is imposed on Fleur-de-lis in our BSG flag. What does it denote?

Ans:-  Three fold of promise.

Q.29. Name the flower denoting the three parts of the promise in S & G movement which is from Canada.

Ans-  Fleur-de-lis.

Q.30. BSG emblem comprises of (a) Trefoil (b) Fleur-de-lis and 3 part. What is it?

Ans - Ashok Chakra.

Q.31. Where is our National bird seen in Scout uniform?

Ans - On the cap badge.

Q.32. Who designed the World Guide Flag?

Ans. Miss.Frokh Kariass from Norway

Q.33. Who wrote the book Aids to Scouting?

Ans. Baden Powell

Q.34 Where is the international training centre?

Ans.Gilwell Park, London

Q.35. Who started scouting in India?

Ans. Dr.G.S.Arundale with Dr.Annie Besant

इसे भी जरूर पढ़ें

भारत मे स्काउटिंग की उत्त्पत्ति

स्वास्थ्य के नियम, बी पी सिक्स एक्सरसाइज

राष्ट्रीय ध्वज, भारत स्काउट और गाइड ध्वज, विश्व स्काउट एवं गाइड ध्वज

Q.36. Who wrote the story of Kim?

Ans. Rudyard Kipling

Q.37. International Brotherhood is denoted by a basic knot. What is that knot it ?

Ans :- Reef Knot

Q.38. For how many Days, Mafeking war take place ?

Ans :- 217 Days

Q.39. Expand WAGGGS ?

Ans :- World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts.

Q.40. Expand WOSM ?

Ans :- World Organization Of Scout Movement

Q.41. When and where was the first all india jamboree held ?

Ans :- Delhi 1937, 

Q.42. Name the only word that can be replaced in scout guide promise ?

Ans :- God with Dharma

Q.43. What do the two star in the world scout flag denoted ?

Ans :- Law & Promise

Q.44. What does ashok chakra in the middle of bsg  flag denoted ?

Ans :- Indian character the movement






Q.45. What is colour the Scout Guide Membership Badge?

Ans :- Green

Q.46. Who appoints the Patrol leader ?

Ans :- Scouter/Guider

Q.47. Which color scarf cannot be worn by a Scout?

Ans :- Green, Yellow, Violet

Q.48. What will be the minimum length of the Scout Guide scarf?

Ans :- Minimum 70 cm

Q.49. What is the background color of the guide petrol sign?

Ans :- Black Colour

Q.50. What is the width of sash in guide uniform?

Ans :- 10 Cm

Q.51. Who is the author of Bharat Scouts and Guides flag song?

Ans :- Daya shankar Bhatt

Q.52. What is color of the World Scout flag?

Ans :- Purple Colour

Q.53. When was the World Scout flag accepted?

Ans :-  18th Scout Confrence, 1961

Q.54. What is the length and width of the World Scout flag?

Ans :- 135×90 cm

Q.55. What is the size of the World Scout emblem ?

Ans :- 45×30 cm